Fred Holmes

While many people in life equate success merely with a monetary value, the multi-millionaire and high-acclaimed Zija International Executive, Fred Holmes, knows differently. While he delights in the joy of being able to venture to the Hawaiian shores whenever he desires, drive the sports car of his dreams, and generously provide for his children, his grandchildren, and his beloved mom, he was full of this joy, gratefulness, kindness, and generosity before he earned his first million.

As a respected and experienced professional driver for decades, Holmes was the epitome of every business owner’s ideal employee. He was dependable, provided exceptional customer service, steadfastly demonstrated the creed to “treat others as you’d like to be treated”, and perhaps most importantly of all ~ performed his job with passion, personal initiative, pride, and professionalism. As his mom’s health needs required more attention and as his grandchildren became an integral part of his daily life, Holmes acknowledged the fact that while the more hours he put in, the more money he would earn ~ but the less personal time he had left each day to enjoy with his family. He knew the best way to attain his financial goals and be able to utilize the most important commodity of time was through the unlimited residual income he could earn through Zija International in California~ a network marketing empire providing Moringa-based nutritionals, natural energy drinks, a weight management system, and a line of skin care products.

While Holmes continues to prosper today with Zija International, he remains ever-humble, ever-humorous, and ever-devoted to the health, happiness, and well-being of his family and friends. If he’s not on a conference call (while sporting his shorts and lounging on his deck), you’ll find him at the beach, at the gym, behind the wheel of his BMW, or at his mom’s side!