About Fred




Growing up, Fred Holmes was raised by a single mother, it was from her and his grandfather that he learned the value of family and hard work, in equal measure. Initially motivated by a desire to be able to provide for his mother in her later years, Fred has learned to channel his work ethic and desire to provide for his family into an immensely successful network marketing business that affords him the freedom and time to be successful in both his professional and personal life.

As a triple diamond distributor for Zija International, Fred has built a network marketing organization that allows him to have multiple residual income streams, which provide him the freedom to support his family and have the kind of lifestyle of which many can only dream. Today, Fred's work with Zija has not only afforded him the ability to take care of the previous generation of his family, but the succeeding generations as well, raising his grandson in the process.

28 years ago, Fred left his life as a truck driver behind to build his organization, and he's never looked back. Bringing that same sense of work ethic and support to his new organization, Fred has committed to Zija in much the same way he has to his family, and he treats his organization just like that - a family. The success of Zija distributors is a primary motivator for Fred, and he encourages Zija distributors to do as he did - focus on the long run, building a lasting organization and pipeline, and taking care of those you work with just as you would take care of family. As Fred learned from his grandfather, it's not the kind of work you do, but rather the quality of work that you do that makes all the difference.



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